Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prada Me!

Okay, I know I am not the most diligent blogger but hopefully I'll never put up a crazy dumb post. This one is definitely not crazy dumb, well maybe crazy...

In order to hold true to my blog title, I feel I need to share some of my diva ways. So lets start from the beginning. Before I moved to the Midwest, I had some shops in the Phoenix area I grew quite fond of--actually they're stores I can't live without, so whenever I'm home I just HAVE to visit these places. While I was visiting the family, my mom and I took a venture to one of these shops and I found not one but two great pairs of shoes!!

Yes I found these oh so cute signature Coach slides...

and these super cute Prada mary jane, wingtip, heels!

So what's so special about these? Well I contribute their "specialness" to many different things:

1. They're gorgeous
2. They're brand name
3. I got them for WAY less than retail.

So let this post kickoff the Fashion tag


Anonymous said...


Risa said...

I think you're the only one who comments on my blog. Maybe it's because i'm new? Thanks though.

Lynch said...

I'm in Phoenix...can I ask where you found such gorgeous shoes at a great price?

Risa said...

My Sister's Closet. They have several locations across the valley.