Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Arizona comes to the Midwest Part 2

My second friend who came to visit was my first friend ever...Alecia.
She lived across the street from me growing up and our moms were pregnant at the same time. We had to have everything the same...dolls, jammies, you name it....
We did everything together...
After about 3 years, she moved away...we tried to stay in touch but it just didn't happen. Then one day I was playing outside during recess in grade school and saw the new girl standing by the tree--guess who, Alecia!! I couldn't believe it. We obviously picked up right where we left off with our friendship. Then high school came and we were still friends but in different activities and didn't really hang out much. So a few years rolled by and I'm on "Palm Walk" at Arizona State and who do I see--Alecia!

Wow how does God do this? He's great and obviously he wants us to be in each others lives, so we decided no matter what we're staying in touch, even if we're two time zones away! She's such a great person and is so understanding I just love her!!
Alecia and Duke, on our way to the NU vs. Iowa State game

Her husband, Phil aka Party Boy Japan...LOL, she comes up with the funniest names for him.

Of course we couldn't let them leave without some wings from Oscar's--Char buffed, the only way to go!Only 5 days until I go to Phoenix for Thanksgiving!! I can't wait to see my parents and my great friends...and to get away from the Arctic Circle--aka Midwest. We've already received our first of many snows of the season.

Have a great week girls!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Arizona comes to the Midwest Part 1

Hello all,
It's been one hectic fall! Over the past two weeks I've had two of my closest girls come visit me in the good ole Heartland!

First was my girl Ondrea. Our visit was full of fall festivities including tailgating...
(Wait a minute...two Sun Devils in Husker attire--when in Rome is all we can say....)

Stopping for a quick pumpkin photo shoot while shopping...

and of course,the Carrie Underwood concert!

Could my smile be any cheesier? NO! So scary, but such a cool shot with Underwood above us.