Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do You Forget Stuff When You Travel?

Well it's almost no fail for me, I am always forgetting something when I travel. Whether it be the right underwear or pajamas (I'm always forgetting those) it's always something. Since I fly several times a year to visit my mom and dad in Phoenix, I dig out that suitcase much too often to not think of a plan to eliminate my addition to needing something to help me pack better and faster. That's how my travel packing list was invented. I simply put everything I need to take with me, print it out when I start packing, and just check it off as it goes in the suitcase.

Another problem I have is that I always pack too many clothes and shoes (yes me, shocked are you?), so on this packing list I write down what I will be wearing each day. Now obviously I don't wear it always on the exact day I wrote it down for, but at least it helps me plan out what I need from socks and underwear to shoes and bras. We all know our underwear are determined by what we are wearing that day.

Feel free to change it to your needs but this is mine.

Oh and since this is a packing list for me, you'll need a big suitcase...I don't pack lightly.
This is the second page of the packing list. Just click on the photos and they'll comet to full size for printing. If not, leave me a comment and let me know. :-)


Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

Great suggestions! I typed up a list once on my computer that I use sometimes when packing...but your check list would be great to copy and print out...thanks for sharing it! Love you blog format...cute! Susan

bj said...

Great suggestion here, Risa...I just got home from a 7 day cruise and I took everything in my closet (well, nearly!!), 4 pair of shoes, ALL of my underwear, umbrellas, hats, towels....what was WRONG with me? A luxury ship will certainly have TOWELS !! GOOD GRIEF!
But, I would alwys rather have too MANY clothes than not ENUF....and Mr. SweetNothings pulled the largest suitcase!! tee hee...
and, baby girl, regarding what will we do if McCain doesn't win....we will just have to grin and bear it and try (TRY) to respect O. as our President. That's all we can do. Just vote for the one you want (I just did it about 30 minutes ago)beg, plead and cry to everyone that will listen to you to vote for MCCAIN!! Then, you know you've done all you can do....
We'll keep our fingers crossed...and do a a LOT of praying!!
love, bj