Saturday, December 13, 2008

Amaretto Cream Martini

I just love cocktails and since I'm a newlywed, I registered for a cocktail shaker that hasn't had it's share of use. I was looking to make a cocktail that was creamy and Christmas like. I didn't want to buy all new alcohol so this is what I came up with and it was quite yummy.

1 part amaretto liqueur
3 parts Irish cream

Fill martini shaker with ice and then with ingredients. Shake, pour and drink to classy girly urban drinks!!


Millie said...

Ok, now I have to have one.

Ginger said...

Yummy, I'll take one too!!!

martini man said...

looks tasty, great use for a cocktail shaker and martini glass!

Millie said...

We had these New Year's Eve, yum!