Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun Weekend Planned

So as everyone already knows, it's Superbowl Sunday this weekend and we are having some friends over to cheer on the Cards (or the Steelers;-)). I've got a lot of work to do. I've pretty much planned my menu:

Cheddar ale dip with soft pretzels
Rolled Chicken tacos served with sour cream
Beef Taquitos
Potato Slabs
Veggie tray and dip
Peanut butter cookies
**some other dessert, possibly cheesecake squares**

I still have some cleaning (guest bedroom and bathroom are spic and span), laundry and cooking. Any other suggestions to the menu are welcome.


squawmama said...

Oh it all sounds good... I might throw in a cheese & sausage tray too. I know you will have a ton of fun... I am for the Cardinals and my honey is for the Steelers... We will be with a bunch of friends too but everyone brings a snack to share... Have fun


squawmama said...

BTW I am reading the Twilight series too... I am on the end of Eclipse too... Already have the Breaking Dawn sitting on the shelf just waiting to be read... LOL LOL


Ginger said...

Mmmm sounds so good. I've been cleaning today too, we are having a few people in for the game. I didn't have a favorite team, but after reading Donna's blog (squawmama) I am rooting for the Cardinals.

Josh and Joran said...

Sounds AMAZING!!!!
We are having Some very unhealthy but oh so good food too.
Bacon wrapped scallops, Bacon Wrapped shrimp stuff with pinapple,Spinach artichoke dip, Quesadillas bar, Nachos, and homemade chili, and a deli tray. Hope every that comes it HUNGRY