Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Healthy Lunch

Since Fall is here, I really wanted to pick up some canned pumpkin but there wasn't any on the shelves. Apparently there's a nationwide shortage? (You'd think an ex-newsie would be up on that sort of thing), so instead I'll embrace summer a bit longer with beautiful strawberries. They just had to make it into my lunch for my trip tomorrow to our sister dealership where I work half the time.

This is my take on the Bento lunch bandwagon.
What's your favorite lunch?

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Melissa Miller said...

Hi Risa,
This looks like a really good and healthy lunch! I was reading our cottage cheese label on the sodium content and it looks high. At least for the low sodium diet I'm on. I'll to just have a super small amount. I do love it!
My hubby eats it every morning for breakfast with fresh blueberries.

~Blessings my freind, ~Melissa :)