Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family Outing at the Japanese Steakhouse

Last night the crew (aka The Leinen Gang or my in-laws) went to Genji's Japanese Steakhouse for, our nephew, Luke's birthday. For the normal diner, this is no big deal, but for my hubs this is like being in actual Tokyo. As I've stated before, Brian eats like a 5 year old--nothing green, no veggies but corn and potatoes. The rest of his diet consists of meat, cheese and bread. He's a processed food freak! I was so surprised this picky eater actually didn't have to hit the Arby's drive through after dinner. Here is my brother in law Brad with his kids, "Birthday Luke" and Lucy.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Raspberry Genji (although pretty weak). I guess it's raspberry sake, cranberry juice, and a splash of sprite. Yummy.
They apparently like to embarrass you for your birthday with this umbrella for a pic.
B and I after dinner. I'm stuffed from the fabUlous fried rice.
Afterward we went bowling with the kids...well some of the kids are bigger than others.

Brian is working on his form here, I usually just launch it down the way and break a nail in the process. Speaking of nails...I'll be posting about something cool next time. ;-)


Patty said...

Looks like you guys had a great time ;)

Melissa Miller said...

Risa this looks like so much fun! You look pretty and I adore your red top. Cute!

Have a blessed week. ~Melissa :)

sanjeet said...

i like red top.
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