Saturday, June 5, 2010

We're BACK!!

We're back after 8 days on vacation. The first 1/2 was in Phoenix visiting my mom and dad and the second 1/2 was mainly spent here...the pool at the Flamingo Hotel.
I'll post pics soon after I can get everything unpacked...we spent a lot of money. Well when it's $24 for two drinks at this pool, you better get out the lube for your rear end. I went shopping and got some really comfy flip flops!

What I really need to do is eat healthy. I haven't been so good lately and I NEED to get back on board.

What is your favorite healthy dish?
I'll feature your recipe and repost, linking to you for all the other healthy girls to see!


Melissa Miller said...

LOL! Risa you are too funny! You've got me cracking up over the line about the drinks. Good one.

What a dream vacation! I'm glad you had fun! ~Melissa :)

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

Looks amazing!!! I hope that you had fun!!!