Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm In the Southwest Again

Well I'm back in Az...for good. I have been wanting to move back here for some time now and I couldn't handle the harsh Midwest winters anymore. I was lucky enough to come across an opening with my company here in Arizona so I jumped at the chance. I won't go into much detail on anything else at this time but I'm excited to take on a new chapter in my life and see what the future holds. My blog name will change here soon but I haven't decided what to call it...


Betty said...

Hi Risa,
I saw your blog on Skinnyrunner and I had to check it out. I'm glad you're back in Arizona :) I look forward to reading more.

RAW said...

You mean you aren't going to miss the harsh Nebraska winters? ;)

People back east think I'm crazy when I say Boston winters aren't THAT bad. They're nothing compared to what the Midwest experiences.

I'm a little late to comment, but good luck with your new ventures!