Friday, November 13, 2009

Vacuum Dilemma

I'm getting antsy to buy a new vacuum. Ours is still sucking but I'm not sure it's really keeping the house clean. Plus I have allergies and a dog, so I need something that works.

What vacuum do you have? Do you love it? Recommendations are greatly appreciated.


Genesis said...

my vacuum sucks. but i honestly cannot justify buying a vacuum over $100. I have shoes id rather spend that on :)

Husker Stamper said...

I sent you an email, but here is a link to a vacuum I know people really like.

Ginger said...

Do you like a canister vac or an upright? I've had both and I really like the uprights better. Don't like dragging the canister behind me. I always had a Sears vac or a Hoover. Last year I broke down and bought a Dyson "animal" vac. Mostly I like it, but the only thing I don't like is that it doesn't use bags and when you empty the canister it's a little dirty inside. but the canister is clear and you can see all the stuff you are vacuuming up. It has really powerful suction and goes deep into the carpet. If you have a heavy carpet, then it makes it a little harder to push the vacuum cause it is sucking so hard to get all the dirt. If you have the sculptured carpet where it's not real thick, it pushes easy. I haven't had any problems with my vacuum, but it is a little pricey. I got it on sale and it was still $500, but so far worth every penny.
Good luck.

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

we took up all the carpet and just have wood floors, all alergy problems went away, we just use a dust mop and the dog and cat hair is so much easier to get rid of.

Carrie said...

We got a Dyson as a wedding present. They are the best, but super expensive. It should last a very long time though!

Michelle said...

We were lucky enough to get a gift card as a housewarming gift and bought a Dyson...and LOVE it! It really is worth the money and I have heard they will be on major sale for Black Friday!

Taryn said...

Dyson! But don't waste you money on the animal one. It just gives you different attachments- not worth it.

They are expensive- but last forever. My parents went through two cheaper vaccums in a matter of months- so they got frustrated and bought a Dyson. nearly 10 years later it is still going strong.

Dyson's are expensive- but they make up for it. We have had ours for 3 years and it works like the day we bought it (or my parents bought it - for our wedding).

Anonymous said...

My husband and I purchased a Riccar Upright Vacuum this past summer, and we are so happy with our purchase. I always thought what the sold in Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond were the best, but they are absolutally not. They are cheap and made of plastic. Plastic wears, tears, and well is crap. The Riccar vacuum we have does have some plastic but it's real mechanics are made of steel. After one swipe through our plush carpet, I was amazed... Our vacuum before, which will remain nameless didn't pick up anything it seemed (in the past 2 years we've had it). The Riccar makes vacuuming so easy! One swipe and you can move on. I used to break a sweat when vacuuming because I was pushing so hard, so that it would pick up stuff.. plus I'd have to go over the same spot 100 times. It is expensive, but worth every penny. It's going to last us years I am 100% sure of.

Hollie said...

you have got to get a Dyson! I call mine Big Daddy D. haha!
no really, it is the BEST vacuum i've ever had. i only 'thought' my floors were clean before i got one. also, they have different ones based on your specific needs. i.e. pets, type of floors, etc.
so easy to use. you'll love it, i promise!
let me know which one you end up getting! :-)

Leah said...

Two things,
1. Welcome to Minneapolis!
2. As for vacuums, check out this post from YHL I think I'm going to get this vacuum, I am also in the market.

Cute blog, I found it on someone's else's links!