Thursday, November 12, 2009

Product Review: Aveeno Haircare

For years, I've been an Aveda haircare fan until Aveeno offered a campaign to try their new line. I'm normally a shampoo snob and don't buy shampoo from the big box stores but when I was offered to try it, I couldn't resist. Although it took forever to actually ship to me, I am really impressed with how well it works.

After using the pair for a few weeks, I've come to the conclusion the Aveeno haircare is my favorite shampoo and conditioner in my shower. It smells good, lathers well, and really makes my hair soft without it feeling coated like some others do. I gave samples to all of the ladies at work to try out. They didn't even know Aveeno had haircare so they were excited to give it a whirl. I hope you all give this a try and see if you like it. It's not that expensive and it's more natural than others on the market.


Sara said...

Hey, I didn't know Aveeno made shampoo and conditioner either! I'm a fan of Aveda, but it's so expensive. My fave cheap shampoo in Pantene, but maybe I'll give Aveeno a try next time. Great review!

Pearls and Curls said...

I love Aveeno, My mom got me hooked on Aussie Moist. It works wonders for longer hair. It keeps it silky and healthy.

Kristin said...

How did I not know they made hair products??? I use their Positively Radiant moisturizer religiously!