Monday, November 16, 2009

Favorite Things: Rowenta Iron

This isn't the most luxurious gift but I'm a practical person and I'm sharing with you things I've tried, don't break in a few months, and waste my money. While I hate to iron, this beauty is a valueable item. I've never know what the phrase "scorch" means when using a Rowenta. Never once have I ruined a pair of pants or a nice dress because of this iron...never. I don't know what it is with their technology but it's great. It's not that it doesn't get very hot, because it can, it's something more--beyond my explanation. The iron heats up in less than a minute, and irons beautifully without the drippy steam most make. Rowenta irons are the only irons I use and last forever.
This Would Be an Idea Gift For: Anyone but a college boy (they don't iron their clothes). Anyone and everyone who owns nice clothes, and would like to keep them looking nice.

Cost: $89.99 don't forget to look for your 20% off coupon in the mail and use it on this for a steal!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Vacuum Dilemma

I'm getting antsy to buy a new vacuum. Ours is still sucking but I'm not sure it's really keeping the house clean. Plus I have allergies and a dog, so I need something that works.

What vacuum do you have? Do you love it? Recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Product Review: Aveeno Haircare

For years, I've been an Aveda haircare fan until Aveeno offered a campaign to try their new line. I'm normally a shampoo snob and don't buy shampoo from the big box stores but when I was offered to try it, I couldn't resist. Although it took forever to actually ship to me, I am really impressed with how well it works.

After using the pair for a few weeks, I've come to the conclusion the Aveeno haircare is my favorite shampoo and conditioner in my shower. It smells good, lathers well, and really makes my hair soft without it feeling coated like some others do. I gave samples to all of the ladies at work to try out. They didn't even know Aveeno had haircare so they were excited to give it a whirl. I hope you all give this a try and see if you like it. It's not that expensive and it's more natural than others on the market.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Favorite Things: Cuisinart Immersion Blender

Since B and I are the only ones in our house, this Cuisinart Smart Stick seems to do the job. Its not nearly as loud as the last immersion blender I had that lasted a whole 2 years (designed by a chef and the thing still didn't have quality)! I don't own a blender because this is all I need. I make salsa, shred chicken for quesadillas and tacos, and chop veggies in the chopper bowl and I make smoothies, blend dressings, and smooth out creamy soups with the stick attachment. Don't worry about ice either...this thing will not leave a bunch of ice in the bottom. I did a lot of homework before buying this appliance and I hope you all will like it too!
This would be an ideal gift for: Newlyweds, any family member who likes to make things at home vs. crappy canned stuff. Attachments are easy to use but it's not dishwasher safe (I stick the 'beaker' in the dishwasher only.)

Cost: $49.99 (Retail, but I'd suggest looking around online for deals or coupons).

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Favorite Things: Bunchy Scarf

I love when something is handcrafted...maybe it's the American girl in me, I don't know. That is only half of the reason why I love my new Bunchy Scarf. The other reason is it's simply adorable! I just received this in the mail yesterday and was ecstatic to wear it to work today and out to dinner with B.
Yes, that's my shower behind me. It's late at night and there's absolutely no light anywhere but the bathroom.

This gift would be ideal for: Any woman or child who loves fun scarves. I'd even get this to wear in a warmer weather location since it's not heavy. They come in an array of colors too. This is also a gift you could send to loved ones far away. It comes in a cute clear bag and is cheap for shipping.

Cost: $11.99 + s&h

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Favorite Things: Williams Sonoma Nesting Bowls

One of my favorite stores is Williams Sonoma. I don't own many items from this place(my hubs says I'm tight because if it's not on sale, I usually don't buy it) but it's a favorite. Just one step into their store, fills your heart with the aroma of a cozy home. While registering at Williams Sonoma before I got married, I somehow overlooked these versatile mixing/nesting bowls. Luckily an aunt of B's felt we couldn't live without these, and she was right! I use these bowls almost every time I cook. These make the Favorite Things list my list because while they're not on sale, they're not expensive and they'll never go out of style because they're clear! Timeless.

This gift would be ideal for: someone who cooks, newlyweds, new home owners, practical gift giving, long distance gifting.

Cost: $38.00 + s&h if you're mailing it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Favorite Things: Purse

This is a recent purchase of mine that I absolutely love! It's a great value and looks super cute for the holidays. I get compliments all the time with this purse from both women AND men!! It's versatile and can store a bunch of stuff. The two side "jean style" pockets are great for quick items like cell phone and keys. I use this for work, shopping, and running around town. The quality is amazing and is very durable. This purse has it all!

Kathy Van Zeeland Patent Triple Compartment Hobo

click on the pic to go straight to QVC!

This gift would be ideal for: Women with children, Busy career women on the go, stylish divas ;-). Ages 21-75 (may be too cumbersome for the frail older lady). This is a great long distance gift (QVC ships anywhere with a gift card inside and no prices displayed, optional). This purse is big but offers a lovely slouchy look that doesn't look like you're carrying around a suitcase. It's great for casual day or night. Not ideal for dressy night.

Colors: This cute thing comes in an array of colors to suit anyone's needs.

Cost: $76.92 + S&H QVC

Risa's Favorite Things!

Christmas or Hanukkah will be upon us before we can say "more eggnog or another macaroon please!" Until Christmas, I'll post a new "Favorite Thing" that could be a great gift for the Holidays. I'll try to cover several bases for different people, but I'll be honest, I'm not good at children's gifts.

If you're in a Reader, and you want to thumb through past Favorite Things, just click on the icon in the top right of my blog.

I hope you all enjoy My Favorite Things!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Product Review: Zip'n Steam

I'm not some granola cruncher, in fact I'm far from it, but I am one of those people who fear cooking in plastic (I feel like I'm going to get some sort of cancer or something when the plastic heats up and the molecules and plastic properties change). I'd rather cook my food in the oven or stove top via stainless steel or glass. Curiosity got the best of me while reading Abby's blog who raved about the Zip'n Steam bags. Who doesn't need a new way to make veggies easy to eat?My Review:

I used these tonight and steamed a little corn and peas with salt and old bay seasoning and it turned out great! It couldn't have been easier to eat veggies!